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"We all tend to reduce reality to symbols, but Superman went out a long time ago. The way you accomplish anything significant is with a team."
Steve Jobs
Computer Designer

Berna Özdemirkan

Hi! I was born in Istanbul in 1978. My father, a soldier and my mother, a teacher equipped me with values of integrity, honesty and ethics that I would never compromise. My family and my home country are very important to me.   I spent 7 years, the longest part of my education, at VKV Koç High School. Here I added to my values being hardworking, sociable, enterprising and brave. In 2000, I received my bachelor’s degree as a high honor student at Eastern Mediterranean University, in Business Administration (English) that I had entered with a full scholarship. During my studies, I was sure of one thing: I was going to work in Human Resources. You know “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” 🙂

I started my career at Strateji Mori Research Company. I was lucky enough to experience every step of a research project from the field survey to the presentation of the results. In 2002 when my company was acquired by GfK, I continued to work for GfK. I managed hundreds of projects by 2014. One of the most challenging and enjoyable projects for me was Koç Group companies’ research and evaluation of working life. I would like to add that they made me proud as a Koç alumni. I co-founded the Pin Research in August 2014. Within 5 years there, we created new research models and gained new experience with new friends.

Then my ambitions, values and principles made it clear to me that it was time to follow a different path. So here I am! Now we, me as the founder and my team, at Mia Research continue learning employee opinions either via surveys or by listening, and helping companies determine the right actions to create happy working environment.

I really love my job, it would mean the world to me if I could make a difference in one employee’s life. Happier employees mean happier people and therefore a happier world!

Güneş Kabaağaç Varol

Hello! I was born in Istanbul in 1988 but if you would ask about my true origins, my father is from Afyon and my mother is from Antep.

I attended Eyüboğlu College for my primary, middle and high school education. All these years my biggest passion was mathematics. I always wanted to leave no question unanswered. Nobody likes exams but I would be so happy when there was a Math exam and could not wait for the results to be announced. Naturally this passion of mine played its part when it came to choosing a branch for university and I graduated from the Statistics Department at Yıldız Technical University in 2010.

An idealist statistics graduate would surely work at market research industry. Therefore my adventure as a market researcher began in September 2010 at GfK Research. For 4 years I carried out all kinds of research projects like Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Mystery Shopper, Brand Image, Usage and Attitude. I worked in every field like customer management, project organization, questionnaire design, data analysis, reporting and presentation. After a while sales became a part of my job and I participated in both customer visits and guided the brands through marketing strategies by interpreting the survey results.

After my 4 years of research adventure I realized that what made me happiest was to be able to carry out the Employee Surveys, make a difference in employee lives, listen to their concerns and help them speak up.

Being proud to have been enabling more than 200,000 employees to speak up since 2014, I am moving forwards in this path.