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"The key to wisdom is constant and frequent questioning. For by doubting we are led to question. And by questioning we arrive at the truth."
Employee Opinion

Everybody calls it differently; employee satisfaction survey, commitment survey or engagement survey but the main idea never changes. The aim is to lend an ear and make your employees’ voice heard. To ensure reliability, an independent research company with strong ethics should conduct such research. Please leave your bias aside; a nice paycheck is not the only issue. Only 3 out of 100 companies find out the wage level is a priority area to improve. Rather than only revealing the low satisfaction factors, we need to clarify the issues influencing employee engagement and motivation more than others. This is what we figure out for you.

Cooperation Survey – Team Based

For a company to reach the right results rapidly, the teams and functional units should be cooperating with a constructive attitude, providing the correct feedback, understanding and helping each other. If conflicts increase among the teams, job results get affected negatively. Following up the issue with statistical data, conducting cooperation enhancement workshops with units that give out distress signals and maintaining mutual trust are necessary actions to take.

Cooperation Survey – Employee Based

Created to scale the results of Cooperation Survey – Team Based down to individuals and bring out the improvement opportunities on individual-level, this model scales the statistical data down to team members to ensure taking responsibility and enhancing collaboration efforts. This way, every team member is responsible for increasing their own cooperation score. This model also brings out the cooperation culture and enhancement opportunities in the companies which transform their model into an agile organization where everyone can work with everyone. 

Employee Relations Management Survey

Employee expectations change with years. Just like we expect to be reached out in a customized way when it comes to our hobbies and purchasing choices etc. as consumers, in our professional lives as employees, we also belong to distinct segments (personas) in accordance with our motivational expectations and values apart from demographical indicators. This model and approach allows for a segmentation with advanced statistical analysis and reveal unique expectations, values and motivational factors concerning the employee segments. Focusing on employee expectations is not sufficient, it is also necessary to evaluate whether or not the expectations of the company’s targeted employee profile are met.

Corporate Values Perception Survey

The values that constitute an institution are fundamental for sustainability. The working style, from the top management to the line staff, should be in accordance with these values. Determining how the values are perceived by the employees and taking necessary actions to manage and improve this perception start with research.

Leader Evaluation

Being a manager is not an easy job, you have to manage people as well as the business. This survey allows the staff to evaluate their managers in terms of relevant competencies and helps to assess and reveal areas of improvement for the executives. It also provides the future managers with some hints about the criteria and expectations from them. 

Employer Branding

According to Backhaus and Tikoo’s description, Employer Branding “represents a firm’s efforts to promote, both within and outside the firm, a clear view of what makes it different and desirable as an employer.” You need to create a strong employer image and brand to be preferred by talents. It is essential to determine our strengths and improvement opportunities along with generating a value proposal accordingly. We reveal the impression you have in the eyes of your current employees and your external shareholders, what they actually expect from business life, and what their values are.

Organizational Culture Survey

Organizational culture is not easy to move forward hand in hand with the rapid company growth and change. While the top management can keep up with the change, the employees may not embrace the change rapidly. It is hard to draw a right path and pursue it without learning how the current culture is perceived by different levels of employees. The culture perception measurement survey help you to determine necessary actions for the adoption of organizational culture concerning the company’s strategy and goals, co-working culture, values, and customer approach.

Resignation and Competition Analysis Survey

Surely all the effort is to retain our employees, however, this is not always possible. A healthy percentage of resignations is not a problem, indeed it is something needed. Besides, we should remember that the most honest feedback will come from our resigning employees. Therefore both the reasons why the employees leave and their current situation at their new workplace give us the opportunity to conduct a competition analysis, not only a simple resignation data. Please do not confuse this with the exit surveys you conduct with your resigning employees, here long term solutions are presented rather than getting instant feedback.

Focus Groups

Statistical data and surveys may not be enough by themselves. Sometimes you need to listen to your employees face to face in order to reach the root causes. The quantitative findings resulting from the surveys are deepened through focus groups, so examples and root causes that are necessary for taking action are revealed. This survey + focus group approach will enable a total and in-depth analysis.

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